Fat Burning Furnace Review

Fat Burning Furnace

Rob Poulos proposes in his Fat Burning Furnace Method to concentrate on taking the right nutrition and to perform the right exercises. This will increase the performance of your metabolism.

As any other system, it is hard to take a decision if it is the right thing for you before reading the book. This Fat Burning Furnace Review will give you a summary of how the system works, as well as the pros and cons, so that you can have a good base for decision without reading the complete book.

Fat Burning Furnace Review – Advantages

Pro: Detailed program of weight loss that is convincing.

Poulos’ program ‘Fat Burning Furnace’ is dealing with losing weight with solid ideas that make sense. It provides a set of exercise examples to all fitness levels. If you have not done any sports for a long time, it gives you some basic exercises for beginners to start with. As you progress in executing the program and when you feel that you have reached a certain routine, you can move to the next level of exercises.

The method is based on research results. According to scientists the metabolism is improved by building more muscle and decreasing the amount of fat. The reason is that muscle tissue can burn more calories than fat tissue. That’s why it makes sense to do the exercises to bring your metabolism into overdrive.

Pro: Effective and short exercises.

If you are a person who is not willing to do workouts for hours, Fat Burning can be the right thing for you since it provides effective and short strength exercises of only 20 minutes duration with a frequency of 3 or 4 times a week.

The speed of the training is slow. This is not only easier to perform, it is also more effective to build muscles and to lose fat. In addition to that, the exercises cover all muscle groups, so that your complete body can benefit from the training.

What adds to the simplicity and easyness of the exercises is that they don’t include long cardio exercises. Poulos theory is that it is more effective to do short workouts regularly than lengthy exercises.

Pro: Upgrades can be purchased

You can choose one of three levels of the Fat Burning Furnace System: Delux level, Ultimate level and Blowtorch level. You can also start from the Delux level, which is recommeded for beginners, and then you can upgrade to the Ultimate and then the Blowtorch level. In this last one, training videos of a two hours duration are offered.

Fat Burning Furnace Review – Disadvantages

Con: Nutrition information is very basic

The system gives you some guidelines and recommendations about nutrition. It also gives you some recipes that you can try yourself. However it does not give good emphasis on nutrition. It gives you a lot of freedom to choose what you want to eat. This is because the Fat Burning Furnace System is mainly an exercise program.

Con: Sometimes obvious sales pressure

Poolos tries, especially in the beginning of the book, to sell you some food products and ideas. Since the system provided in the book is really valuable you could just ignore this disadvantage if you could turn a blind eye to it.

The conclusion of the Fat Burning Furnace Review

The program is giving a very good and detailed level of exercises as well as good nutrition recommendations. The system is very good for people suffering from bad metabolism who tried a lot of diets with yo-yo effect. The program is good regardless of your fitness level.