How to Burn Legs Fat

Are you unsatisfied with the look of your legs? Do they look a little thick? You can not afford to wear shorts and skinny jeans? But hiding your legs is not the only solution to the problem. By following few tips, you can burn your legs fat in just a few months.

The following tips are valid for both men and women, but ladies are affected more by the problem because they tend to store fat on their legs. Men typically store more belly fat.

Here is a collection of tips for anyone who wants to know how to burn legs fat, either men or women.

How to Burn Legs Fat With Exercises

To get slim legs you need some exercises. This will help you reach two goals which are complementary to each other. First, with the workouts you will burn legs fat. Second, you will build your leg muscles.

There is an effective way to burn legs fat: Doing enough exercise to burn off lots of calories that you gain by eating, and getting the right exercises to build-up lean leg muscles.

A proven routine for fat burning combines strength training and cardio exercise. It is not important which cardio you choose. Just select one that you like and that you can stick to it. To burn your legs fat fast, you need to do a lot of exercises which work the legs. Good examples are: Riding a bicycle, jogging through sand, or treading water. If you like going to the gym, you could exercise with the cross-trainer, the treadmill, or stair-climbing machines. These machines help you work the inner and outer thighs, hip flexors, and calves. There are also some classic exercises that you could try at home, for instance leg lifts, lunges, and wall sits. You can do 30 leg lifts with the right leg, then 30 with the left leg. Repeat that 3 times. You should also do both front and side leg lifts. This way you train different areas. Regarding wall sits, stay at the sitting position for a period of 15 seconds, and work your way up. Repeat this exercise until you feed that
your thighs almost cannot support you.

Whatever exercises you choose, you should do it about 20 or 30 minutes several times a week.

How to Burn Legs Fat by Eating the Right Foods

For fat burning, it is very important to combine the exercises with eating the right food. You should not eat lots of foods that contain sugar. These foods increase the insulin production of your body. This makes you feel hungry and pushes you to eat more.

You should not eat saturated fats. Instead you should take unsaturated ones. These are healthier and good for the heart. You should eat more vegetables and fruits. When you eat pastas you should take the ones made from whole grains.

You should also eat proteins, like meat and eggs. They are good fat burners. Instead of coffee, take better green tea.

Combining the right foods with the right exercises is very important. This is how to burn legs fat efficiently.