How to Get a Flat Belly

How to Get a Flat BellyNowadays, it seems that many people are placing a lot of importance to the question how to get a flat belly. A lot of advertisements claim their ability to help you “Get a flat belly”, or “Get sculpted abs”. What they don’t mention is that getting a flat belly does not only make you more attractive, it is also good for your health.

According to many research studies, there seems to be a correlation between belly fat and some diseases like high cholesterol level, high blood pressure, heart disease and type 2 diabetes. To reduce the risk of these diseases, men should aim for a wait circumference below 40 inches. Women should measure below 35 inches.

The following tips can help you with the question how to get a flat belly and reduce the risk for related diseases:

More Movement, Right Food

You should not go for boring exercises that you feel forced to do. It is better to find an activity that you like, because then it is easier for you to stick to it. For instance, you can do some gardening, team sports like football, swimming or some long walks with friends. If you do that regularly, you will get your way to successful fat burning.

Cardio exercise will speed your metabolism. You should also vary the activities. By doing that you don’t only avoid to be bored by the routine, but the burning of calories and fat can be also optimized.

Now, the question is, how to get a flat belly with exercises? Which ones target the abs? Well, there are many of them: Supine bicycle, vertical leg crunches, captain’s chair leg lifts are the most effective ones for abdominal muscles. You can also do some exercise ball crunches and twisting crunches, which are also good. Do these workouts several times a week to get a flat belly. Search for these exercises in the Internet and you will find a detailed explanation about how to perform them.

In addition to the exercises, you should also eat foods that can help you get a flat belly. You should not eat a lot of sugary carbs, because they can increase your belly fat. Instead, you should consider foods with protein and fiber. These ones contribute to fat reduction. Select a diet program that contains complex carbs, lean protein, and unsaturated fats.

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How to Get a Flat Belly by Relaxing

Have you thought that you could get a flat belly while relaxing? Stress can cause weight increase and building-up belly fat. Try to lower your stress level to get a firm stomach and to reduce the risk for diseases caused by stress. You can relax by practicing yoga. It is a very good way that helps you learn to relax.

Yoga also trains the abdominal muscles. Select yoga exercises that contain routines which target the abdominal muscles. One example is yoga exercises with supine poses. You can either buy a yoga DVD or search for a free yoga training video online. To get a flat belly faster, concentrate more on the belly-targeting routines.

Try to combine all these tips, and you will get a flat belly faster.